Hi All,

I’m sharing my  stunt of attempting SAA beta exam today

I have booked the exam on 2nd of Nov giving me a week time for preparation

My Preparation material is

1. AWS SA A Official guide  ( Worth the money)

2. a cloud guru quizes( worth the money)

3. AWS videos from aws training

4. AWS practice exam

5. ( I didn’t go thru entire blog, but helped me where ever I’m lost with concepts)

Other explored free content below with sample questions but didn’t had a chance to work or check if they are accurate

Every user you create in the IAM system starts with ___…

Today questions challenged my understanding of ,all questions are scenario based. Very less questions which are straight

1. High availability concepts mainly using VPC

2. VPC,networking using NAT Gateway, public and private subnets

3. Choice of storage in scenario based questions around S3, EBS, EFS

4. Secure access of AWS resources, IAM roles, ACL’s, security groups

5. Lot of stress on Redshift, kinesis, RDS Aurora, Mysql availability in MZ, Dynamo DB

6.scalability, cost effective , best performance  using EC2 instances along with EBS volumes

7. Accessing DB from on premises, access DB only from webservers, webservers acessing internet

8. Allowing applications on  EC2 instances from internet

9. How do you prevent accidental deletion of objects in S3


I’ll try to point any questions from quizes closes to my match

My results will be available in next 6 to 8 weeks, I’m confident I’ll clear, else I’ll get a voucher -Bingo 🙂

Happy Reading and All the Best